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Friday, September 28, 2012

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Latin Class: What does obtuse mean?

People, you just can't make this stuff up.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's All In The Eyes

(Starjack is walking through the living room when she spots Dad, wearing his sunglasses inside.  He is reading a magazine.)
Starjack: Why are you wearing your sunglasses inside?
Dad: Oh, that would explain it.  (Removes sunglasses and replaces them with reading glasses.)

It's all in the eyes, people.

A Matter Of Perspective

In sparring today, Talkative Yellow Belt Student and I were doing a drill and we finished early.
Talkative Yellow Belt: Senpai, should we keep going?
Sparring Teacher: No, just wait and talk about the weather.
Starjack: It's hot.  (Note: this is always the case in Furnaceville).
Talkative Yellow Belt: Yes, but it's cooler than yesterday.
Starjack: It's still hot.
Talkative Yellow Belt (fixing gi pants): Yes, but it's thirteen degrees cooler than yesterday.  See, I look on the positive side.
Sparring Teacher: See?  We've got two different perspectives on the same weather.