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Monday, July 16, 2012


In a beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in an expert's mind, there are few.

  I am a beginner.  I haven't been alive very long (relatively speaking), so I'm a beginner at life.  I'm still a yellow belt in karate, so I'm a beginner at karate.  The only substantial science course I've taken is high school biology, so I'm a beginner scientist.  And since this is my very first web log post, I'm a beginner 'blogger.
  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a beginner.  When you're a beginner, you have an open mind.  You see that there's so much to learn.  You recognize your faults and shortcomings.  Experts believe that they've learned everything, and that they can do no wrong.  We should all strive to have beginners' minds and be open to new suggestions and ideas, even if we've been alive for a hundred million years and think we know absolutely everything.
  Of course the downside of being a beginner is that I make a whole bunch of mistakes.  I will post the funniest ones here, along with stuff that's happened to me, random thoughts, shout-outs, links to cool stuff on the Internet, links to other blogs, and whatever the heck I feel like posting.

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