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Friday, August 31, 2012

Innovative Ways To Fight Cancer

We've all run 5k's and 10k's and done walkathons and put money in people's cups to benefit research for this and that cancer.  We've bought breast cancer awareness ribbons and worn pink shirts.  But there's a new cancer-fighting charity out there, and they're a little ... different.

It's called Kilted To Kick Cancer, and it raises money for male-specific cancer research.  Male-specific cancers, by the way, kill just as many guys as female-specific cancers kill girls.  People who participate in KTKC are guys who wear kilts for the month of September.  Not just when they feel like it, but all the time.  They wear them to the supermarket, to a dinner party, to Starbucks.  Now, a guy wearing a kilt is going to draw a lot of attention.  Some people might ask him why he's wearing one, and he will use the opportunity to tell them that one in six men develops prostate cancer, so get yourself screened.  These people also post donation links on their blogs and have a competition to raise money for Livestrong and the  Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Now, I can't participate in the competition because I'm under 21 and the prize is a gun, and I can't wear a kilt because I'm female, and a girl in a kilt doesn't draw nearly as much attention.  So I'm giving these guys a shout-out and linking to the KTKC page, Livestrong, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Fork over a few bucks if you're feeling altruistic.

And guys, get yourselves screened.  Women, find a guy and tell him to get himself screened.  If you catch it early, the prognosis is much better.

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