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Friday, August 31, 2012

State Mandated Torture I Mean School


School has started.  I made it through the first week without being eaten alive, though don't ask me how.  I am taking 6, count 'em, 6, pre-AP or AP classes.  Posting will be light, as I will soon be drowning in homework.  For now, I have a three-day weekend because of labor day.  I'll try to post something interesting.

I hate my Algebra II class.  I have a lousy teacher who makes us work in groups and never explains anything.  I think I'll need to enlist help from the Parents on this one.

Theatre II isn't so bad.  I didn't join so I could be in plays or anything; I just want to have fun.  We're currently working on oral interpretation, which is a fancy word for reading aloud.  The Bat Lady (my theatre teacher, so named for her screechy accent), is pretty nice, and I think I'm going to enjoy that class.

Latin, ahh, Latin, the most underappreciated subject of all.  We've barely got enough textbooks, and Latin III and IV have to have the same class, which is difficult.  My Sarcastic Latin Teacher, whom I know from last year, used the first class period to assign us some homework, yell at a few problem students, introduce new students, and pontificate on the virtues of getting enough sleep.  Gotta love Latin.

I'm trying to find personality in my history teacher, but so far she's just a pear-shaped monotone.

My chemistry teacher is pretty cool.  She looks like a witch, and she's intimidating, and she likes it.  The very first day, she taught us the number of atoms in a mole.  It's called Avogadro's number (not Avocado's).  6.02x10^23.  For those of you who can't understand scientific notation, that's a heckuvalotta atoms.

My English II teacher is, well, an English teacher.  Not much more to say.  There's a certain kind of personality that just goes with the profession, I guess.

My English III teacher is a lot like my English I teacher from last year, short stature and all.  No BS, cares about the subject, interesting, not monotonous in the least.

PE is hell, but maybe it'll be less hell than last year.

Survival tips:
Basically, just protect your head and remember to breathe, same as sparring.  Oh, and try not to get too numb.  Long days of boredom can cause emotional numbness.  Have something to look forward to at the end of the day, even if it's just a book you're reading or your mom's pie.  If your mom can't make pie, you can borrow mine.

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